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Whether you’re a college student struggling to find direction or someone who’s been employed for decades in need of a transition, I can help. As a coach and a psychologist, I am uniquely qualified to help in your search because my work is informed by the latest research on how people turn insight into action and achieve lasting change. I help you discover what motivates you to do your best work, what you want to do, and where you want to do it. (market differentiator language) Then I help you create a career, and life, that aligns with what we’ve learned. I offer the following services


I am certified in psychological assessments that illuminate your values, interests, and aptitudes. These assessments also identify your intrinsic strengths and areas for growth. They’re online, so you can take them when and where it’s convenient for you. Then we’ll meet in person for in-depth feedback sessions and homework to help you most fully learn from the information you’re given.


We then use structured coaching sessions to blend what you know about yourself, your experience, and what you’ve learned from the assessments. Sometimes we create a plan to make your current job a better fit for you. Other times we use your self-knowledge and the data from the tests to find a similar job elsewhere or help you change careers entirely. I also provide coaching as needed for résumé writing, cover letter writing, informational interviewing, interview preparation, and negotiation tactics.


My own professional background includes the arts, customer service, health care, academia, and entrepreneurship. I’ve coached people at all levels and in almost every industry so I’m confident I can meet you where you are, help you identify where you want to go, and get you started on the process of getting there. I strive to be a professional and emotional resource to equip you in finding meaningful employment and fulfillment in life.


"Colin helped me navigate big, tough questions related to my career. His candor, honesty and data driven approach has helped how I balance career events and my own aspirations. He has provided me the space and time to understand the connections between work and life which have been tremendously impactful. His willingness to be hands on and provide practical guidance has been invaluable.


-Peter, Google

"I worked with Colin in a moment of career indecision. My work with him was unique because, as a psychologist, he combined career assessment measures with research on people and work satisfaction as well as his insight on how people make positive change happen. All this helped me make realistic and honest decisions about my career. I left certain of my career path as well as my own values as a person. 10/10."

-Taylor, Facebook

* Career coaching is not covered by health insurance. Contact me to talk about your needs, packages, and prices.



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