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Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder, also ADHD or sometimes called ADD, is a Neurological disorder that impacts your life beyond struggling in school and paying attention when bored. ADHD can effect your mood, the ability to stay calm or think effectively, unable to plan properly or execute a plan, and lastly your ability to process events or emotions in a healthy manner.

ADHD can be diagnosed by a a trained medical professional such a Primary Care Physician, Psychiatrist, or by mental health professionals such as: trained therapist and Psychologist testers. Here at Ennis + Psychology, an ADHD diagnosis typically occurs after two 60-minute diagnostic sessions using two in-depths assessments, self-reports, information from family and friends, and clinician judgement.  This is an important step as individuals with high levels of anxiety sometimes exhibit symptoms very similar to ADHD symptoms and should be rule out first.

ADHD Treatment are for people needing firm structure for time management issues, learning of mood regulation skills, and effective processing strategies. Treatment is typically weekly - biweekly 45-60 minute appointments for 3 - 6 months.

ADHD Coaching is a service grounded in psychoeducation of ADHD, helpful tips and strategies to overcome minor obstacles, maintaining focus, and staying organized. Coaching is scheduled at the convenience of both client and coach, which is ideal for college and high school student preparing for a test, or preparation for testing.

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