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We all have events and people in our lives that make us feel stress and often it’s a completely natural response to what’s happening. However, sometimes this can cross the line from stress to a problematic level of anxiety that you need help with. Anxiety can show up in our life in many ways, but there are certain signs that it may be a problem that you need to speak with a professional about. For many people it’s a constant sense of feeling “on edge” and having difficulty controlling worry despite knowing that most things in your life should feel fine. It can also show up in physical symptoms such as a racing heart, tremors, and sweating. At its worst, it can even manifest as full-blown panic attacks.

Sometimes it’s obvious where our anxiety is coming from. It can be tied to circumstances in our lives that we have varying degrees of control over, such as work or family stress, the political and cultural landscape, or any of the various things in life that we can never be fully certain about. Other times, it’s not so clear where our anxiety comes from. It can be a general feeling of dread or fear that attaches itself to whatever is in front of you. This kind of anxiety can be inborn or could be the natural result of being raised in an environment that made you live “on edge” too much.

Fortunately, anxiety is one of the problems that psychotherapy is best equipped to help with. Talking through your problems and your reactions to them then generating ideas about where your feelings come from and what you can do about them brings many people a lot of relief. In addition, therapy can employ many behavioral techniques such as therapeutic methods of relaxation and mindfulness training, as well as bio and neurofeedback to help you learn to calm your body so that it can help calm your mind.

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