I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in independent practice working with adults and adolescents and have worked in family services and private practice settings. I received my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, IL. Before coming to psychology, I gained extensive experience in business and I hold an MBA from Rutgers Business School in Singapore.

My Approach

Therapy is about providing professional support to help you work through that which prevents you from experiencing emotional freedom of choice.  Our experiences – cultural, familial, and social – shape us.  Sometimes those experiences cause tremendous pain we do not know how to process and thus prevent us from living fully and freely.  Sometimes we get tripped up by our patterns and ways of responding and making sense of those experiences.  Sometimes we need help sifting through our thoughts and emotions to get clarity.  Recovery from depression, whether from chemical imbalances or adaptive responses, is a healing process as well as a destination.

I help you work through your pain, learned patterns, and ways of responding that are causing discomfort, conflict, and pain so you can experience a sense of emotional flexibility and resilience. So often, bringing awareness to those parts of ourselves we keep safe and protected from others (for good reasons) can unlock our greatest gifts and sense of freedom. Together we explore new ways of relating to ourselves and others that promote healing, clarity, and wellbeing. 


I specialize in areas of depression, anxiety, and feeling “other than.” Unfortunately, recovering from depression and feelings of “otherness” can be hard due to the complexity of our learned protections, societal norms, and adverse experiences. One area of focus for me is patients using psychedelics (ketamine, among others) to treat their depression and anxiety.  Another area is people who feel “other than” due to growing up in a foreign country as US nationals (i.e. third culture), living in the US as a foreign national, or otherwise grappling with their identities (gender, sexual, racial, or other). I am fluent in both English and German as well as conversational in French.